Soccer Cleats With Ankle Support [ 2020 Reviews ]

In one of our recent articles, we reviewed the best ankle braces for soccer players. These braces can all be worn under your cleats, and typically, they offer the most superior support and stability for for something that is still comfortable and won’t diminish your performance.

However, some people simple like the feel of a higher-top cleat, or without any history of ankle sprains, may just want a tiny bit of extra support without having to combine their cleats with a brace, such as a lace-up ankle brace (these are still pretty slim, but when it comes to feel, every athlete has their own preference).

Therefore, in this article, we would like to discuss some options for soccer cleats with ankle support. Please keep in mind that these typically don’t offer the same level of support as an ankle brace, but nevertheless, a little bit can go a long way.

Our Top Choices for Cleats with Ankle Support

adidas Performance Women's Ace 16.3 Primemesh FG/AG W Soccer Shoe,White/Gold/Shock Pink,9 M US

These cleats are from Adidas Primemesh line, which allow a comfortable fit and a super-fast break-in time. Technically firm ground cleats, these also have a stud design that forms a slight pocket under the foot. The idea here is that you can create more contact with the ball, allowing for better control.

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re wondering where the ankle support comes in then. At first glance, they look pretty standard, but the cuff actually does run up a little bit higher than most cleats. Theoretically, this should help add a little bit of extra support, not in the sense of bracing or wrapping your ankle, but limiting more extreme ranges of motion that are often the mechanisms of sprains. We would not go as far to say that they are meant to prevent or reduce sprains, but the overall design looks like it can facilitate this a little bit.

Lastly, these are on the cheaper end of higher-top cleats that still offer excellent comfort and performance, and there are a couple different styles to choose from. Plus, Adidas is a very reliable brand when it comes to cleats, so you can have some confidence in their products. Overall, these offer great value for soccer players who may be looking to experiment with a higher-top design.

adidas Performance Women's Ace 16.3 Primemesh FG/AG W Soccer Shoe,White/Gold/Shock Pink,9 M US
adidas Men's Ace 17.3 Primemesh Firm Ground Cleats Soccer Shoe, Black/White/Satellite, (10 M US)

These are essentially the same as the women’s Adidas cleats we reviewed above, but sized for men. They come in different color schemes, and they are just a slightly updated version (“16.3” for the women’s cleats, and “17.3” for the men’s cleats).

To be honest, we don’t know exactly where the subtle differences between versions lie, if there are any at all, but we suspect it’s mainly a difference in the aesthetic design. In general, the customer reviews for the women’s cleats were quite good for those versions, whereas there were a higher number of reviews to go off for the 17.3 cleats in the men’s.

Regardless, both pairs of cleats offer great value and both come with a slightly higher cuff, which may help prevent excessive movements to a limited degree. The main purpose of these cuffs are to keep water and debris out, but having something that may provide a little bit of resistance could be helpful. Also, both come with the Total-Control stud alignment to help you handle the ball with greater speed, agility, and control. Overall, these offer great bang-for-your-buck.

adidas Men's Ace 17.3 Primemesh Firm Ground Cleats Soccer Shoe, Black/White/Satellite, (10 M US)
Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Leather FG - Black/Black-Total Orange-Total Orange - Tech Craft 10

These are known to be good cleats in terms of comfort and especially performance, but one thing we would like to point out is that the upper cuff that appears to be useful for ankle support, but in reality, it really doesn’t do much in that regard. While it may be comfortable and does serve a purpose by preventing any intrusion of water and debris, it doesn’t offer much more support than a snug sock, so if you’re trying to prevent ankle sprains you may need to opt for a brace or a different pair of cleats, especially if you have a history of ankle sprains.

Otherwise, these cleats are great for firm ground, the offer a molded design for comfort, and the textured leather helps offer great performance. The leather is nice and soft, so it remains quite comfortable, and the leather on the top part of the foot amplifies ball touch and control. The Flywire cables offer a snug fit, which we personally prefer, and it actually does offer a little bit of support for the arch, which is nice.

One other cool aspect is that Nike has put some research into the interface between the sole and the studs, allowing for a nice anatomical fit and reduced pressure at the points where the studs insert into the sole. The studs themselves come with TPU tips for durability. Overall, these are great cleats, but despite the appearance, aren’t the greatest for ankle support. Consider these to be normal lower-cut cleats that offer excellent performance and have a cuff for prevention of water and debris intrusion.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Leather FG - Black/Black-Total Orange-Total Orange - Tech Craft 10
Nike Womens Hypervenom Phantom II FG Firm Ground Soccer Cleats (Blue Lagoon/White-Volt-Black Blulag/Blanc-Volt, 10)

For all intents and purposes, these are the same cleats as the Nike’s we just reviewed above, except in this case, they are sized for women and come with different color schemes. Similarly, these cleats also come with an upper cuff that prevents any water or debris from entering the cleat, which is a nice feature, but it really doesn’t offer much in terms of ankle support. Like we said, it offers about the same level of support as a snug sock, which won’t protect you from an ankle sprain.

So then why are we reviewing these particular cleats? We have seen some customer reviews out there that complained about the lack of ankle support, and how the appearance can sort of trick you into thinking it may be relatively robust. So while these are still good cleats in terms of comfort and performance, we thought we should put that message out there in case it can help prevent anyone the hassle of buying and then subsequently returning them.

Other than the lack of ankle support, these cleats are excellent. They offer a really comfortable fit and high level of performance. Basically, everything we said in the description of the Nike cleats above holds true for these ones as well. The leather may look a little beefy, but it’s soft and comfortable and actually helps enhance the feel of the ball for added control. The interface between the sole and the studs are well thought out, with an anatomical fit and dispersion of pressure from the insertion points of the studs, which helps promote balance and comfort.

Overall, these are excellent cleats, just don’t be fooled by the upper cuff that looks like it could potentially be good for ankle support. If you do need something with added support, we would recommend the Adidas cleats above, or the spats that we will review below, which both offer some degree of support. If you are really trying to prioritize ankle support, then we would suggest hopping over to our article about ankle braces for soccer, as the braces really offer the best way to stabilize your ankle without sacrificing performance.

Finding soccer cleats with added ankle support can be pretty difficult. The Adidas cleats and the spats that we reviewed above are decent options, but if you are really trying to avoid an ankle sprain, especially if you have a history of them, we highly encourage you to consider a brace. Some of the braces can be pretty cheap too, so just make sure to think twice about what is really important for you, and how much you are prioritizing your ankle stability. All the best this season!